We get together three times a week for club training runs, generally meeting near the entrance to the Droitwich Leisure Centre.


On the last Thursday of the month we use the High School track for strength and speed training.


Warm up: 6:20pm.        Start: 6:30pm

We usually cover between 3 and 7 miles, taking around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.  We use routes both off and on road routes depending on the weather, the group abilities and how light it is. The group is for absolutely anybody who can run (run/walk). There is no minimum pace or distance. This is suitable for beginners or those recovering from an injury. To find out more check the DAC Facebook page for updates, or contact by email on tuesdayrungroups@droitwichac.co.uk 


Warm up: 5:50pm               Start: 6:00pm

This group typically covers 5 km in around 40 min. We run three different groups for different abilities, including a Couch-2-5K progression group and a longer 5 or 6 mile (10 km) group for those who want to run a little further.  To find out more check the DAC Facebook page for updates, or contact by email on Membership@droitwichac.co.uk  

Thursdays: NOTE - we are not running Thursday sessions during COVID restrictions

Warm up: 6:20pm           Start: 6:30
This session is typically for stronger runners, covering 6-7 miles (10-12 km) in around 1hr.  We run both on and off road, and at various paces, depending on weather and the ability of the runners.

In the summer we mainly choose to run off road, but some of the crazy ones continue this in the winter months with torches.  


To find out more check the DAC Facebook page for updates, or contact thursdayrungroups@droitwichac.co.uk.

Other Times

Outside these times many members arrange extra runs for either longer distances or at a quicker pace, just for fun or preparation for an upcoming event.