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In order to ensure that your junior athlete is collected safely after training sessions we now ask that you (or the person collecting them) personally meet them, and us, at the main gate through the fence that leads to the athletics ground. When the under nine’s are in the sports hall they should be met for collection at the sports hall. We are making this change so that we can be sure that your daughter or son is safely transferred back to you. Having them disappear over the road into one of the three car parks carries several risks that can be completely removed if the juniors are collected directly from us. If you would like you son or daughter to make their own way home please indicate this on the tear-off slip below. About half a dozen parents are now runners with the adult groups and we will always bring their children over to the leisure centre and wait with them for the runners to return. If a run group returns late we will wait until their return – this is not a problem.

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